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October 06, 2007

The best bread

Baking your own bread is perhaps one of the best things Vata can do for themselves. It is grounding and nourishing and wholesome. It requires patience and attention and focus. It gives quick results and wheat is excellent nourishing food for Vata. It's one of those gifts of nature that

But I made terrible chapati last night, it was very disappointing, cause I thought I was finally getting good at it. Chapati making is a fine art, preferably learned from an Indian grandmother on the rammed earth floor over a period of years.

I did not have that privilege. I was lucky enough to learn in India, from my friend's mother, who makes easily the best stuffed paratha I have ever eaten, but I only got a couple of lessons, and since then I've been perfecting the craft alone in my studio flat in Melbourne.

My mistake last night was I didn't "break" the wheat, as I was taught. Meaning I didn't knead it for long enough. Turning flour and water into the best bread you will ever eat is one of those miracles of science that in Ayurveda could only be termed "prabhav." No one knows why, it just is.

So, back to the beginning, I'll post a series about the ups and downs in my quest for the best bread.

PS I thought chapati making was hard, but check out this article about baking Autizimo, a Mediterranean chickpea sour dough bread.

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