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December 11, 2007


What do you get when you mix tridoshic ingredients together? How to get more spices in your diet?

Dukkah is a middle eastern blend of ground nuts and spices, every family would have their own variation, here is mine, suitably passed down from my (non-middle eastern) family.

Dukkah is very versatile, serve it as a starter with bread and olive oil. Add a bit of crunch to salads. Toss pasta in dukkah and olive oil. Sprinkle over rice and steamed vegies for a simple meal. Coat vegies before roasting. Let your imagination go wild, earing in mind, dukkah is only as tridoshic as the foods you serve it with.


1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
A few teaspoons each of cumin powder, coriander powder and tumeric
Salt to taste


Dry-toast the seeds on a medium heat until they brown slightly and begin to pop. This release the prana (energy). Let them cool to room temperature. Grind in a blender or, more romantically, in a mortar and pestle. Mix all ingredients to taste and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

It's tridoshic as is, but you can vary ingredients to your suit your dosha:
  • Vata add sesame seeds and pepper (grind the sesame seeds seperately as they are much more difficult)
  • Pitta add ground, toasted, blanched almonds
  • Kapha add chili and black pepper, and avoid serving with wheat and oil. How about baked potatoes instead, or steamed green beans...

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