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September 05, 2007


When I first thought about being vegetarian I continued to eat fish, because in Australia that's what you do. But in India they laughed their heads off at the idea that I was vegetarian and still ate fish. Eventually I succumbed to their peer pressure and stopped eating fish.

Now I am being brainwashed further into considering giving up the eggs. As much because I don't enjoy the taste or 'feeling' of eggs. Too meaty for me. I continue to eat them occasionally, mostly cause I don't like being too fussy or antisocial, and eggs can creep into anything, even mentos!

Classic vegetarians including Pythagorus and Gandhi excluded eggs from their diet, and generally people like that are onto something good. So I am happy to follow their lead.

I have no intention of giving up dairy, none whatsoever-don't even try making me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Its good to see non-indians interested in ayurveda. I have no right to suggest what you should or should not do, but I just felt that you should not give up meat just due to brainwashing. I was surprised to read about the liberal use of meat in Charaka Samhita. I believe that the decision to eat or not eat something should be purely for personal health reasons proven by experience. So many Indians wrongly claim that India has a vegetarian tradition. Ever since I read about meat in Charaka Samhita, I'm dying to resume eating chicken :)
Hope I didn't sound rude or forward. Looking fwd to more posts from you.

Julia said...

I was really only joking about being brainwashed. There are many reasons why I don't eat meat, and I agree meat has it's place in Ayurveda.

You've prompted me to post about it, which is good because I am flat out at the moment and being a very lazy blogger!

Anonymous said...

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