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September 21, 2007

For Kapha, For a change

So I've been promising something for Kapha, since my Vata Pitta self tends to write about all things good for Vata Pitta-a disaster for those more sturdy and strong of the dosha tree.

Kapha should avoid wheat and rice-which sounds awfully difficult, but it's just natures way of encouraging Kapha to get in touch with their creative side. Which is great on all levels. So play around with the multitude of other grains like rye, polenta or millet, or in this case:

Polenta Nera- which is not actually polenta as we know it today, but buckwheat, see how many options you have?

This is northern Italian peasant food, and like most things with a simple list of ingredients, the end result rests entirely on your technique-or a strong arm and a weak brain (no offence Kapha!) Delia recommends getting a man to do jobs like this. Read more about the arm and brain requirements of Polenta here.


2 cups vegetable stock
1 and 3/4 cups more vegetable stock
1 and 1/2 cups buckwheat flour
a dash of ghee, salt and pepper


Bring two cups of stock to the boil. Meanwhile whisk 1½ cups of buckwheat flour with 1¾ cup of stock. Add the mixture to the boiling stock in a slow and steady stream whisking constantly.

Reduce heat and add ghee, salt and pepper. Continue stirring with a wooden spoon for 20 mins. This is where your strong arm (or man) comes in. Stir and stir and don't give up (c'mon this is perfect Kapha food!)

Serve it soft or pour into a greased pan and spread evenly. It will cool and harden in 45 -60 minutes. Use as a pizza base or cut into squares and grill.

Traditionally served with lots of dairy- but equally good (and much more Kapha friendly) with capsicum sauce, pesto or roast mediterranean vegies-corn, potato and onions are Kapha favourites...take it to a BBQ or picnic lunch.

(Just don't stop stirring it or it will turn to glue!)

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