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September 16, 2007

Pizza Scrolls

I want to eat less sugar, but I just love baking so much, so I am on a quest for good savoury, egg free baked items. Think savoury zucchini loaf or herb and onion muffins. But first up Pizza Scrolls.

Pizza is an Ayurvedic disaster. Tomatoes, hard cheese, yeast, white flour...but it is just so tasty! It is possible to make really tasty pizza without compromising your health. I'll post my regular pizza recipe, plus variations like pizza pie. But for now it's:

Pizza Scrolls


1/2 red capsicum
1 onion
cumin seeds
cheese (cream cheese, ricotta or paneer)

Scone dough


Finely chopped onion and capsicum. Fry the cumin in ghee till it is aromatic. Add the vegies and fry covered on a low heat, stirring occasionally. Add a tablespoon of water or ghee if it starts to stick. When they are very well cooked, maybe 20 mins to half an hour put the mixture in the blender and blend till smooth. This is your pizza sauce.

When the sauce is ready make the scone dough. Use your hands to flatten it gently into a big rectangle, use a rolling pin to get it a little thinner and spread the sauce and cheese on top and roll it up. Cut into discs and lie them flat on a baking tray (either close together to make a pull-a-part loaf or separately to make individual buns, you can also do this in a muffin tin). Bake for 10-15 minutes at 200'C.

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