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October 08, 2007

The best bread 3-why

So if chapati are so bloody hard to make why would you bother? To start with, they aren't actually that hard, they just take a bit of practice, but mostly because they are the best bread and here's why:
  • Chapati are fresh-if you've ever eaten a cold chapati you'll know they must be served piping hot, straight from the pan, and we all know how Ayurveda feels about old food
  • Chapati contain no yeast-which aggravates all three doshas and plays havoc with your digestion and is a bad food combination with lots common bread buddies including milk
  • Chapati contain no preservatives or nasties that you get from the supermarket shelf
  • Chapati are one of the most satisfying and enjoyable baking experiences you'll ever have. It may take you awhile to master, but once you do you'll be churning out chapati quicker than they can be eaten-like the best Indian housewife around!
And as Shubhra Krishan says "Though initially time consuming to make, chapatis are so delicious that you will want to eat them daily!"

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