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October 27, 2007

"I've got one word for you Kimmy..."

Dr Devaraj says:

“The word “try to live with nature” is the fundamental belief of Ayurveda”

Whilst he can't exactly count, I do think he is on the right track. And now that we are coming around to Daylight Savings time again, I realise how far we've come from nature. I was just beginning to enjoy the Summer sun, waking up earlier, fresher, more relaxed. I can get out of bed and shower and meditate more comfortably now it’s warmer and lighter in the mornings. But now the clocks will be changed so all of this will become more difficult again.

The thing is, the sun sets for a reason. This is the time for resting the body and the mind, for relaxation and reflection. We have introduced daylight savings in an effort to work harder and play harder-to DO more. But really what we need is to BE more.

That there is no one English word to express “try to live with nature” shows a lack of this concept in our lives. So let's make the best of this last few days of nature before we turn the clocks over.

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