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October 17, 2007

measurements-get stuck in!

One of my favourite things about Indian food is eating with my hands. It gives sensory depth to the food, another dimension, a more sensual experience. One of my Indian friends fathers said to me once "God gave us perfectly good hands, humans are so ignorant to think that a fork they created is better!" So I've adopted a suggestion from a very sweet and simple book called Ayurvedic Cooking written by Ramesh Patel.

In India cups and spoons are not used to measure, it is of course done by the hands. In my blog I have been using cups and spoons, to keep things simple. Eventually I hope to use these measurements in my recipes cause this is how I work at home:

Chapti is a pinch with the thumb and first finger
Moti Chapti is a pinch with the thumb and first and second fingers
Nani Chapti is somewhere between the two

Muthi is a closed fistful
Khobo is an open handed scoop

Of course this guide is only rough, never follow a recipe exactly. Instead conjure Annapurna, the goddess of abundance, and as you touch the food or spices you will feel exactly how much to put in.

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