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October 30, 2007

The power of poo

I fainted this morning, which was was a bit frightening. I've never fainted before, and more difficult than the physical (sharira) response was the minds (mana) response. Being light headed and dizzy and tingly is one thing, but losing consciousness and memory and control of the body is infinitely more disturbing.

D was great-he actually caught me before I hit the floor! And then asked me a few questions like my name and the day of the week. In answering them my mind settled cause I realised I was alright-no need to panic. Then he made me breathe deeply and slowly to relieve the shock.

He was a professional sports person so is well equipped to deal with such situations, having experienced them on the field very many times. I, however am happy to have not had such experience, and was much more freaked out by the whole thing.

I rang my Ayurvedic doctor and the first thing she asked about was my bowel movements! Ayurveda goes straight for the cause, almost ignoring the symptoms entirely. She explained the enema may have brought out some deep toxins which would have been waiting in my body for elimination. Sure enough I had fainted on my way to the toilet, and though I still feel very weak now, after finally making it to the toilet my skin colour has returned and I am able to get out of bed to cook lunch.

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