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November 11, 2007

Amenorrhea-absence of menstruation

Although many women consider their period a real drag, in Ayurveda it is thought that this is one of the reasons women live longer than men. When we bleed it's like a mini detox, so if there are lots of toxins it can feel pretty bad.

But what happens if we don't bleed? Well before you consider yourself lucky, consider why your body isn't doing what it should. Unless you are Pregnant or past menopause then something in your body is not right.

Amenorrhea is generally caused by Vata. The sub dosha responsible for menstruation moves from the belly button down, called Apana Vata. This same aspect of Vata is responsible for childbirth, excretion and reproduction.

Apana Vata will be blocked by of the same things that disturb Vata generally, like cold, anxiety, exercise, dehydration, travel or stress. Anal sex can disturb Apana Vata. If you have stopped getting your period try taking a warm, wet diet, eat regular meals and take nourishing foods like ghee, tahini, dates and molasses. Spend time at home with people who love and nurture you and drink plenty of warm water. Take a warm bath with sesame oil.

Ginger and ajwain will bring on menstruation, as will castor oil rubbed onto the lower back. Be careful not to over heat the body or this will cause dryness. As always, balance is the key, trust your instincts. Keep yourself warm and safe and avoid exposure to wind, stress, travel and exercise.


Anonymous said...

very informative post.. just came across this blog and really i felt ur blog interesting... thanks for such posts

Anonymous said...

could you specify the precise quantity of both ginger & ajwain that has to be consumed , also what part of the menstrual cycle should the same be consumed.

Julia said...

I can't say precise quantities because it is different for everyone. You can even just use them in your cooking. Chai is excellent. Fresh ginger is better than dry ginger powder. Use about a quarter teaspoon of ajwain fried in ghee in your food.

The best time to take ajwain and ginger is between ovulation and when you are due to start your period. But your period will reflect everything you have done in the month, so look after yourself all the time.

Make sure you follow a Vata pacifying diet and lifestyle. Travel, weight loss and irregular eating and sleeping times all contribute to amenorrhea. Ginger and ajwain alone won't fix it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the advice Julia,will try to follow the dosha pacifying lifestyle.
thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia
The sub-dosha responsible for anartava/amenorrhoea is called apana vayu/vata. Udana moves from the abdomen upwards, responsible for exhalation etc. Apana is responsible for the downward movement.

Julia said...

ooops, you are exactly right. I mixed up the names. Thanks for the correction. I'll change it in the post.

dee said...

Awesomely exciting blog to have found :)
I love ayurveda.
I am pregnant and want to make sure Apana Vayu is not distubred at the time of labor and delivery. What can I do to ensure that? What steps/ayurvedic measures can I take to make labor and delivery smooth Julia?
Thanks :)

Julia said...

Hi Dee, glad you like it!

I wish I could answer your question better, but much of the 'women's business' of Ayurveda has been lost, because the Vedic texts were written down by men.

There is still a lot of wonderful information out there, but it's best if you can find a Ayurvedic Doctor in your area who can treat you face to face.

Also check out some of my links, Wisewomanhood has some excellent information on women's health, and if you look on Bagchee they sell some baby massage, gynecology and other Ayurvedic books.

Generally avoid stress (emotional and physical) throughout your pragnancy and try and work closely wit one midwife so they really know you and understand your needs. Trust will really ease any anxiety you have.

Make sure your partner/ sister/ mother/ best friend are all know how much support you need!

May you be blessed during this special time! Enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
I was wondering if you have any information on the specific effects of shatavari on the liver.

Julia said...

Not really, sorry, but I will post something about shatavari in the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

i also suffer from very less bleeding during periods. i take almost a pinch of ajwain early morning nd believe me my periods are regular and the flow is also very normal which makes me believe that ajwain really works