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November 02, 2007


Anemia is iron deficiency, in Sanskrit it is called panduroga: disease that turns the body pale. Many many people are anemic and it's causes can be an imbalance of any dosha. Check your other symptoms to see which dosha is imbalanced.

Of course you can eat more iron, but iron is very difficult to digest, and anemia is often caused by weak digestion to begin with, so eating more iron must be balanced with improving the processes of the digestion.
  • Dates should be eaten just a few at a time an hour apart from taking any other food
  • Sultanas, taken as above, but soaked for Vata
  • Cook kichadee with spinach and use cumin seeds, mustard seeds, tumeric and coriander powder to aid digestion
To improve absorbtion try the following spices according to your dosha imbalance:
  • liver cleansing spices such as aloe, saffron and tumeric for Pitta
  • phlegm expelling and circulatory hot spices such as chili, cinnamon and dry ginger for Kapha
  • Rich foods such as ghee and sesame taken with tumeric, saffron and coriander for Vata

Also you can try wearing stones such as ruby or garnet (but not for Pitta) and pearl or moonstone (not for Kapha)

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