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January 28, 2008

Dips for dipsticks

Dips are easily the most over-bought item in the supermarket. Even a monkey could make a decent dip and yet we spend $5 or $6 to get the stale factory version with refined fats and artificial flavourings.

Dips are something you certainly don't need a recipe for. There is no science to cooking something (vegies, beans) and mashing it with something else (nuts, dairy) and then adding a few flavours (spices, fresh herbs, lemon). Taste it and add more of something if it's not quite right. Another method is to use your favourite soup recipe without adding the water (Leek and Potato Dip for example).

I'll try and post a few of my own regular dip idea's just for inspiration. But they aren't really recipes, just starting points.

Thai Pumpkin Dip

Steam chunks of pumpkin, put it in the blender with enough coconut cream to make a good dip consistency. Add fresh coriander leaves, salt and pepper. Blend again and taste.

NB. Other flavourings include (fry these briefly in ghee before adding) fresh minced ginger, thai curry paste, minced lemongrass, minced garlic. You could also consider chili (sauce or powder) and crushed cashews as well.

Magic Miso Dip

In a bowl put equal parts of tahini and miso paste. Stir until thick. Add water and stir again to thicken it up. Keep stirring and adding water until it won't thicken up any further.

If you want to add some vegies, finely chop or grate them (onion and carrot are good). Fry in ghee, add a little water if it sticks. When the vegies are tender mix into miso and tahini paste.

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