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February 20, 2008

Only the Divine can Heal

One of the key differences between Ayurveda and modern medicine is a component of spirituality. And a very wonderful series of events happened to me recently to reinforce the importance of this Divine aspect.

A few days ago my skin was getting really bad. After purgation about a month ago I have been very dry and so I get a rash. I have always been prone to rashes and have become pretty good at adjusting my diet and lifestyle to fix it. But this time it just kept getting worse, no matter what I did.

When times are difficult I often ask my Guru, Sri Shivarudra Balayogi, Baba ji, for help. "What am I supposed to learn from all this? Why aren't I healing when I am doing everything possible"?

I have a calender of quotes of my Guru and that day when I opened to a new page, I was stunned by His abundant grace and goodness:
"No individual should claim, "I can heal," real Yogis and saints do not claim, only pray to the Divine. It is only the Divine that can heal."
Well, it was pretty obvious I should stop trying to heal and start praying.

The very next day I woke up and it was lovely warm weather, which is unusual for Melbourne. I knew straight away Baba ji was answering my prayers. Good weather means I can swim at the beach and salt on my skin is the most healing thing I know. I thanked the Divine for the weather and headed for the beach. And again the next day, and the next and the next...four days of heat in a row, and I had time to make the trip to beach on every one of those days! And truly unlike Melbourne, the weather was still perfect after the 45mins it takes us to get to the beach from our house! Melbourne is known for four seasons in one day.

But that is not all. Another thing I know can heal my skin, which I could not do, is have a warm bath with oil and epsom salts, but we don't have a bathtub in my flat. Then just two days after I started praying we were walking past the building site down the road. When we saw the skip bin and both started falling on the floor laughing...THERE WAS A BRAND NEW BATHTUB IN IT!!!!!

They were renovating the building and didn't need it anymore. So D hoisted it on his shoulders and up three flights of stairs and I had a glorious bath yesterday morning, cause today it is freezing cold again.

Which brings me to yet another miracle. Yesterday the weather turned cold again, as it inevitably would. So I can't get my salt fix from the ocean anymore. And then at Yoga last night I saw something called a bar of "salt soap" mined in the Himalaya's. I've been to this yoga class many many times and never seen it before.

So I bought two bars and rubbed it straight on my skin as soon as I got home, and it stings and tingles just as much as bathing in the ocean! So now even on cold days I can get my daily dosage of salt.

So, I'm here to express my awe for the Divine and appreciation for life's many miracles and blessings. I should have taken before and after photo's of my skin, because you won't believe it. In just five days all the redness is gone, all the itching is gone and only a couple of dry patches remain.

Thank the Divine for Ayurveda, and thank Ayurveda for bringing me to the Divine!

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