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February 17, 2008

The Silent Killer

"Two cans of baked beans sit on the supermarket shelf. Only one carries the National Heart Foundation tick. Which is healthier? The answer may surprise you. The ticked product, by SPC, has five times the saturated fat and more than 15 times the sodium of the product with no tick, by Heinz." (The Age, 17 Feb, 2008)

One of the downfalls of the new health revolution is that being healthy has become as industry. Something to be packaged and marketed, put simply, health is now a massive money spinner. The reason the healthier baked beans do not carry the tick of approval is that they did not pay for it. And it's worth paying for, cause:

"85% believed that foods with the tick were a healthier option compared with similar foods... Such statistics illustrate why the tick has become a potent marketing tool for companies battling for the attention of increasingly health-conscious shoppers."

The Heart Foundation will not release their minimum standards. They will only say that the tick indicates that a product is good compared to other brands of a similiar product. So essentially they are saying McDonalds is healthier than Hungry Jacks, because McDonalds pay them $330 000 in licensing every year.

Neither will the Heart Foundation release how much they receive in licensing.

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