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March 13, 2008

Eggs and garlic

You may have noticed I go pretty easy on some ingredients like eggs and garlic. This is partly because almost every vegetarian recipe on the internet is heavily laden with eggs and/or garlic. If you want to use them go right ahead, and you'll have plenty of options. But in order to try and balance up the scales, I avoid them.

I personally don't cook with them. Eggs and garlic is rajasic. Meaning they stimulate rajas, the quality associated with creativity, passion and activity. We require a little of this to maintain balance, but too much rajasic food may cause anger, restlessness and aggression.

But eggs and garlic are so unavoidable. I already feel like the fussiest person in the world at dinner parties, so when eggs and garlic are in food someone has cooked for me I will eat it. If I lived in India, where eggs are easily avoided, I would avoid them. But a satvic diet is useless without a satvic mind. If avoiding garlic means you have to be obsessive or fanatical, then consider whether just eating the garlic in the first place would have caused you so much rajas.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

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