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March 04, 2008

Fad Diets

Another interesting side effect of this modern, fast paced, extreme world we live in is fad diets. Two such diets are in direct opposition, the Atkins diet and the Pritikin diet.

Urban legend has it that Dr Atkins, after years of advocating a high protein diet, was in fact overweight and suffered a heart attack. Nathan Pritikin on the other hand, on a diet very low in fat, suffered from anemia and leukemia and took his own life.

The moral of the story is simply moderation. Every human needs moderate amounts of every food group. Even rajasic and tamasic foods are requires in small doses. This is because humans, like all of nature, are made up of all elements, and therefore require all elements in order to live a full and healthy life. There is no one diet for all people, and if it feels bad to you, it probably is.

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