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March 07, 2008


I have been asked to write a little about headaches, and I love requests, so here it is. Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know about, cause I am always happy for a reason to learn something more.

Ayurveda recognises 11 types of headaches, as well as acknowledging headaches that are just a symptom of other diseases. So there are many different treatments for headaches, depending on which kind you have. Headaches are often related to the nervous system and blood pressure. Vata is usually indicated with headaches, due to the presence of pain, but any dosha may be involved. Follow a diet and lifestyle to reduce the dosha involved.

Vata type headaches are extremely painful, with insomnia, constipation, anxiety and stress. Routine is important to balance Vata, simple food and work on cleansing the colon

Pita type headaches cause pain in the eyes, burning sensations, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. The pain is often restricted to half the head and can bring about angry, irritable or violent thoughts. The Liver and blood will need cleansing and avoid heat.

Where Kapha is involved there will be a dull aching, with feelings of cold, heaviness and lethargy. Try to exercise more, avoid overeating and mucous forming foods.

Ayurvedic treatments including shirodhara, masthiskya, nasya, virechana and various sweating therapies will help alleviate headaches. Find a good Ayurvedic doctor for such treatment.

One treatment you can do at home, with a friend or family member, which will alleviate all dosha is oiling the ears. Pour a few teaspoons of sesame oil into a ceramic bowl. Place the bowl in a saucepan of water and warm it up a little, not too much. Spread an old towel on the floor and lie on your left side. Let the oil cool to body temperature, you can test it by holding your finger in the oil, it should be like a baby's bath. Ask your helper to use a teaspoon to pour the warm oil into your right ear. Tug your ear lobe gently and lie quietly for a few minutes. Turn onto you right side allowing the oil to run onto the towel and repeat for the left ear. Do not expose you head to wind or cold for a few hours after this treatment.

Good herbs for headaches include nutmeg, ginger and holy basil (or just basil). You can apply these in a paste or essential oil to your temples and third eye. Take in your food or drink as a tea.


trupti said...

Thank you so much! I am going to try the Oil treatment and drinking ginger teas....the headaches are something I have lived with for many years and its high time I get rid of them. I have a combination of Vata and Pita headaches....very scary! :)

thanks again, I appreciate it!


Julia said...

Vata Pita headaches are typically genetic. Unfortunately you may always have this weakness, but with a little care the headaches should become less.

The ginger should help with nausea, but in excess may aggravate Pita, try sandlewood oil topically. Follow a Pita Vata diet of gentle cooling spices such as fennel, cumin, tumeric and coriander. Take plenty of ghee, coconut oil and olive oil, and avoid sour, spicy, cold and fermented foods. Try to eat and sleep at regular times every day.

Follow a Vata Pita balancing diet and lifestyle at all times, not just once the headaches arrive.

Of course, a little disclaimer, headaches can be serious, so see a doctor if it really becomes a problem.

trupti said...

thanks again for the additional tips, I am already trying to stay away from processed foods and sticking to Indian comfort foods such as Lentil khichdi, Toor daal soups and Lassis....lets see how it helps in a few months.

take care,