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March 20, 2008


The joints are governed by the elements air and ether and belong to the Asthi Dhatu, the fifth tissue. This tissue relates to feelings of having a meaning and purpose in life, strong Asthi will remind us of our sacred nature. Problems that manifest in the joints are most likely to be Vata and sometimes Kapha. Pita aggravation in that dhatu will more likely manifest in the hair, teeth or nails.

As usual joint symptoms that are dry, cracking or degenerative in nature are caused by too much Vata. Be sure to cleanse the colon and encourage healthy, regular peristalsis. Constipation, insomnia and pain may accompany Vata in the joints. Swelling, growths or water retention in the joints will be too much Kapha. Follow a diet and lifestyle to ease whichever dosha is involved.

Massage is very important as energy can easily stagnate around the joints. Use an oil appropriate to your dosha and massage the joints in a clockwise direction to build and strengthen, and anti clockwise direction to reduce swelling and inflammation. Marma massage and any gentle yoga is excellent for reinstating the bodies natural energy flow and removing any blockages.

Sweating soothes the joints. A full body steam will ease Vata in all the joints, where localised steam will aid a sprained or injured joint.

Nutmeg is an excellent spice, especially where pain and insomnia are present. Take just a pinch with warm milk. Too much nutmeg can aggravate constipation or overstimulate the mind. Nutmeg oil or Mustard Seed oil is useful topically on arthritic joints.


Ivete said...

Thanks a lot, Julia, that was a very informative post for me. I think my case is too much Vata. Lately I've been having problems with my knees (left one) some pain going up and downstairs although is getting better with some rest. I'm cutting on my food intake.Losing some weight will help me,too.
Thanks again!

A-kay said...

check my blog - you have something waiting :)