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April 12, 2008


Marma are vital points on the body, much like the pressure points made popular through acupuncture. There are thousands of these vital points located all over the human body. They are found at important meeting sites for the nerves, muscles, tendons, veins, ligaments and bones. Marma are also the meeting point for the mind and the body. 107 of these Marma points are fatal if wounded.

Marma are much bigger that Chinese acupuncture points, and are measured relative to the patients finger width, ranging from half to four fingers across. Activating these points, usually by oil massage will activate Vata, and therefore every neurophysiological system in the body.

Surgeons used these points to anethatise their patients, and then whilst operating their knowledge of avoiding the vital marma helped them to avoid disabling or killing their patients. But Marma aren't only used to increase health. Traditionally knowledge of marma was given to warriors so that they could kill their enemies on the battlefield swiftly and cleanly by applying pressure to certain points.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, for if these Marma points are stimulated incorrectly it can disrupt the whole system. When used in the correct way they can save lives.


TS said...

Thanks Julia!

Julia said...

It's a pleasure, request a topic any time!

Anonymous said...

Its an amazing form of therapy still used in India.
My dad's friend was a Marma doctor .He treated stroke patients,Inter-vertebral disc prolapse,arthritis,and almost any ailment ranging from fever to certain mysterious diseases.The prognosis was remarkable.

It needs lot of practice and dedication before one could treat a patient.Meditation and physical strength is the key to learn .

Julia said...

Very interesting to hear. I'm not aware of many people these days who are such masters of this art. I've had some excellent results from receiving marma therapy myself, and have great respect for this knowledge.