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May 04, 2008

Black Sesame

There are three varieties of sesame seeds. The white ones everyone is well acquainted with via McDonalds hamburger buns, which have some medicinal properties. Red or tan sesame seeds, which no one has heard of because they don't taste great, nor do they have significant health benefits. And finally black sesame, which are used commonly in Asian cuisine, especially deserts, and have excellent healing properties.

Black sesame can be bought in Asian grocery stores, either whole, ground or sometimes as a paste. Black sesame seeds are sweet, bitter, hot and oily. They are too hot for Pita, too heavy for Kapha, and just right for Vata. But taken correctly black sesame heals all doshas.

Black sesame is used for anemia, anti-ageing, pain relief, sexual health, skin, hair and teeth. Black sesame are particularly beneficial for people who don't eat meat products. In western terms, they contain high levels of good fats, calcium, B vitamins and iron. They are a very strengthening food.

Use black sesame anywhere you use regular sesame. Black Sesame powder is especially easy to take as it can be added to porridge, stir fries, soups and cakes, as long as you don't mind your food looking black! It will give everything a tarry, dirty look, but doesn't have a very strong taste.


TS said...

Hey Julia....

Thanks for the info....I use sesame seeds in some tastes great with green beans. Do try it sometime...I know of one remedy for children who have bed wetting says to eat black sesame seeds along with a ripe banana. I don't know if it works, but have heard it from many sources!

Btw, I have added you to my blogroll. :)

The Spice Who Loved Me

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this information on black seseme. I have some at home, but I realise that everytime I reach out for seseme seeds in the kitchen, I go for the white version. Thus, the black seeds are left waiting...often. I guess it is only because of conditioning. The next time I reach for seseme seeds,..I will definitely go for the black version :)

lothika said...

You have a very nice blog. I am new blogger and Just started one in this field. I love your posts and very inspiring to me.

Julia said...

Thanks Trupti, I saw a great recipe for asparagus with black sesame dressing, I'll have to try it with green beans too.

Spillay-I noticed you are experimenting with vegetarian food, you should definitely give black sesame a go.

Welcome Lothika, great to hear from you.

I've blogrolled you all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me on to your blogroll! (You had already been on mine for a while...:) ). I have been dropping by every once in a while, but realised that today was the first time I had left a comment... Keep up the good work!

Ivete said...

HI, Julia! Very nice post. I love sesame seeds. I usually roast them a bit and sprinkle them on my salads. It's delicious.

ranji said...

My first time here..great site.i love this much of info.Thanks for sharing it with us.

Julia said...

Yes, I love sesame seeds sprinkled on just about anything really. I just realised I forgot to mention that they are easier to digest if they are ground up a little, otherwise they might just go straight through whole!