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May 08, 2008

"Dare to fart"

French Doctor, Frederic Saldmann, has written in his book La Grand Menage (Spring Cleaning) that suppressing our natural bodily functions is making us ill. He recommends we all burp, fart and sweat at will. He has some other rather sensible suggestions including not eating whilst walking.

Really, what I find incredible is that we need telling! It seems pretty obvious to me that when things want to come out of our bodies we ought to let them. So let it rip.


Shubha Ravikoti said...

Hey julia thats so true...normally in india they say that bluring is a sign of healthyness and of good eating...or can say that ur body is satisfied with the amount of food it has recieved.... and now u can stop here.And fart is a sign for the normal digestion of our food..... if we eat good ofcourse our factory is going to work and emit some gases in the process... eheheh

Nice blog here... My huuby's family is completely into ayurveda... or shud say was... his grandpa was a great ayurvedic doctor... back in india... and even now they follow certain home remedies in day to day life for common ailments....:)

TS said...

Loved the title.....!
I drink hot ginger,ajwain teas throughout the day to keep it in check. ;)


Raaga said...

I am going to read his book... I think I might find an answer to several ailments. :-) Thanks

lothi said...

Hi julia,
Nice post. And I strongly agree with you. As subha said above, in india its a good sign if u fart and it shows that u had a good digestion.

Julia said...

Glad to hear we all agree!

And Trupti, I think you are right, excessive gas can be a sign of poor digestion, so spice teas are a very good idea.

But of course any working factory will emit some gases, best not to hold them inside. Apparantly most humans create 2 litres of gas a day!!

TS said...


I'd like to send you an invite to my other personal blog. I'll be mailing the invite today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia. Great post and a timely reminder too :) ! Not too long ago I bought 5 volumes of the Caraka Samhita, and remember reading this in one of the books... I'm so glad that now I can just come to your site for my regular dose of ayurveda :) . Keep up the good work.

On another note,... I'm keen on knowing more about the spice ajwain. Would love to know what you can share about it...