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May 12, 2008


I believe one can have a great impact on their physical, mental and spiritual health whilst reducing their impact on our wonderful planet by simply eating less meat. Whilst I am vegetarian myself I don't actually don't push the vegetarian agenda very much, I am quite an advocate for flexitarianism.

This is just a new fandangled word for someone who is "sort of" or "part time" vegetarian. The word came about in the US in the early nineties, and now there's a new cookbook about it. Whilst some people see it as a step towards a more strict vegetarian diet, I don't think it has to be. Becoming Flexitarian is a much more sustainable and for many people, especially when their families and communities don't support being vegetarian. Check out a meat-free week or even meat-free Mondays.

There may be an angry vegan out there reading this and shaking their head. But even if you don't like labels and classifications, or you suspect people who adopt such a diet are lacking in conviction, suspend judgment for a moment. Because for a lot of people it is really hard to be vegetarian, we should be supporting and encouraging every step in the right direction.

If more people eat more vegetarian food it will go a long way to beginning to create a vegetarian friendly culture. Which I find one of the greatest barriers to my own choice to be vegetarian. As consumers demand it, more vegetarian food would become available in homes and restaurant, in shops and markets. the western world would come to have better knowledge of how to eat a more satisfying diet than simply meat and three veg without the meat. Lets begin our vegetarian friendly heritage and traditions now.

And for me, it's all about approaching life with a peaceful mind. You won't be doing yourself or anyone any good if you refuse to anything your mother can cook, or you beat yourself up for secretly craving meat. So don't worry about the labels, eat what feels right for you, regardless of whether you fit into one of our socially defined categories. Remember the goal is not renunciation, the goal is to give up the desire in the first place.


bee said...

great post. many vegetarian menu options in U.S. restaurants are so unhealthy that it's healthier to eat meat occasionally.

Anonymous said...

I am all for being a part-time vegetarian!! Ta!

Julia said...

Yes, I went to a restaurant recently and the best they could do for me was chips and garlic bread, very unsatisfying!

pink dogwood said...

just happened upon your blog and really like it

Julia said...

Welcome, it's great to have you here!