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May 29, 2008


I rather like pasta. Mostly as a vehicle for some of my favourite foods: nutty pesto, robust olive oil, fresh clouds of ricotta...

But I have a few problems with pasta as a daily food. Partly cause it's dried out and old, I want the soft fresh stuff. But then the soft fresh stuff always has eggs in. And finally because it's impossible to get decent wholemeal pasta, it always winds up tasting like cardboard, even after what feels like hours of cooking.

Well, vegeyum has solved the first two of my problems with a home-made eggless pasta which I will certainly be trying out soon. As for the wholemeal part, maybe I will try and find wholemeal semolina flour.

In the meantime, I've been testing some alternatives to white pasta and have come up with a favourite: Orgran buckwheat pasta. I think it's sold as a gluten-free alternative but I I love buckwheat and want more of it in my life. It's got that strong, buckwheat flavour so lends itself well to nutty sauces, and it cooks in only eight minutes but doesn't go soggy like some wheat free pasta.

So if you have time, try it home-made, or you are in a rush I recomend a packet of buckwheat pasta if you can get hold of it.


Dan Blurray said...

I find that making polenta can be a nice wheat free alternative as the base food for the foods you like to mix with pasta.

Nice blog by the way.

Julia said...

Hi Dan, nice to mee to you. Great idea, especially for Kapha.