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May 17, 2008


Women often wonder why we even get periods. Modern Science can't seem to offer a satisfying explanation, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. We only just discovered the purpose of the appendix, that useless organ we've been whipping out without so much as a second thought. It's actually what creates healthy bacteria for the gut. My husband doesn't have his appendix anymore, but he does have a long history of athletes foot, and occasional bouts of thrush and candida, so that explains a lot. My point is some people beginning to discuss the idea that women don't even need their periods. Which personally I find rather alarming.

Women do have periods, but that doesn't mean it should be held against us. "Nothing in our society, with the exception of violence and fear," says Chris Northrup, "has been more effective in keeping women in their place than the degradation of the menstrual cycle." I believe this is true to a degree even in post feminist western society. But it is much, much more degrading to young women in Africa, for example.

A fellow blogger rallied her 'knowledge community' to support these young women with a truly inspiring project called Good 4 Girls. Check it out, it speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

I'm a regular visitor to your blog and really like it a lot, for all the wonderful things you post. Could you please post on what Ayurveda says about Hiristuism?? Is there any remedy/medicine for it in Ayurveda??

Julia said...

Hi glad to see you poke your head up to comment. I love learning about Ayurveda so it's a bonus when someone likes reading my posts!

Do you mean Hirsituism? As in excessive bodily hair? I'm not familiar with this, but I can look into it Let me know if this is what you mean (you can email me if you prefer).

Anonymous said...

What a great blog you have!
Just found it.
Lovely to know there's another young Aussie woman out there who loves ayurveda & all its wisdom!
With regards to periods.....I've often been gob-smacked at some women's negative attitudes towards having periods. I believe it is a wonderful thing to have......a reminder of our fertility & womanhood!
I do realise that some women have difficult periods & that would have a lot to do with their negativity.
If only they were aware of the possibility of healing this imbalance!
A read of one of Maya Tiwari's books may help. Isn't she wonderful!!

Julia said...

Maya Tiwari is wonderful!

That's exactly why I started this blog,to come across like-minded people.I hope you keep reading and commenting on my blog.