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May 13, 2008

The Moroccon Soup Bar

This story has a few separate parts so bare with me...

I have a new policy at the moment of writing letters. I write them to my hero's in life, to express my gratitude. They may not write back, but that's not the point, the point is simply to consciously express my appreciation for those people who inspire me. (Sometimes they do write back, I have a letter from Kevin Rudd to prove it!)

When I went to the Taj Mahal I was not expecting much. I thought it might be beautiful, but that it would be a tourist trap. It is a tourist trap, but it was so much more beautiful than I expected that for a long time I couldn't find the words. Then I realised, I have never experienced such perfect expression in a man made object. The Taj Mahal is beautiful in a way I have only seen in nature.

I read once that the best thing you can do for Vata is cook them a meal. Well, I'm Vata, and I love being cooked for, but I currently live away from my family and friends, and can't remember the last time someone cooked a meal for me. I don't usually like eating in restaurants, the food is old and lacking subtlety. Most importantly, I have never felt like the person who cooked the meal really cooked it for me.

So I went to a restaurant on the weekend, where the food left me lost for words. I felt a warm glow throughout my body which grew and grew for a few hours. Then I realised; that golden feeling was nothing like I had ever experienced in a restaurant. The food was so nourishing, so nurturing, so satisfying that I felt like it must have been cooked for me, by someone who loved me.

That restaurant is The Moroccon Soup Bar, and whilst they don't always serve soup, and it's certainly not licensed, owner Hana Assafiri's up for a letter.


Cindy said...

Yes, it's a lovely place! I've always thought that the meals are like something I'd enjoy in a friend's home rather than a 'restaurant'.

Julia said...

Yes, the mismatched crockery, variable serving sizes, even variable quality of food-sometimes the same dish tastes totally different when you go back!

Anonymous said...

Seeing that names of suburbs are replicated through-out all states - I have to ask this question: Is this Fitzroy the one in Victoria? (I sure hope it is!) My brother and SIL (who are both Vegetarians)are visiting next week, and my bro happens to be having his training session in Fitzroy! I have mentioned this place to him, but I thought I'd better confirm its location with you :)

BTW, I'm a Vata too - but I don't get too many chances to be cooked for at the moment :(

Julia said...

Yes it is in Victoria! Bingo.

My advice-if there are six or more (they love kids) you can book, otherwise turn up very early to avoid disappointment. Don't try and order from the menu, just have the banquet.

Anonymous said...