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June 07, 2008

Carrots and fennel

This is one of my favourite throw-it-together side dishes. It can turn rice and dahl into a slightly more impressive meal for guests. I made it for our wedding, something lighter for those who don't appreciate oily, spicy food.

To make it more impressive again I made up a fancy name. In Hindi "gajar" just means carrot, and "subji" means vegetable (but is used for cooked vegetable dishes too.) It's not really a traditional Indian dish, just something I made up from the contents of my fridge one day and have been making ever since. I usually try and convince D to grate the carrots!

Gajar Subji

1 Tbsp ghee

3 tsp fennel seeds
2 carrots (grated)

Warm ghee in a wok and fry fennel seeds for a few seconds. Add grated carrots and stir till coated. Add just a tablespoon or two of water and reduce heat. Cover with a tight lid. Stir every five minutes and add just enough water to stop it from sticking. Take off the heat when tender.

Serves four as a side dish. This should suit all dosha's relatively well, but maybe add a bit of ginger and less ghee for Kapha.


Sumi said...

hi just stumbled upon your blog from 'taste of India'.Carrots and fennel are a great combination.I have been making this regularly, but a spicier version with little bit of chilli powder and chopped garlic.Sometime I add scrambled eggs too.

Julia said...

I agree, it's a very good base to experiment from. I sometimes add some coconut or fresh coriander because they are some of my favourite foods.