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June 03, 2008


It's winter proper here in Melbourne. The fog has barely lifted by lunchtime and I have the worst cold I've had in years. I don't often get colds because I don't have much Kapha in me.

Colds with congestion are caused by excess water and earth in the body; by exposure to cold weather, changes in the weather, and cooling, heavy or excessive food. It makes complete sense that I have a cold, since it's just turned cold here and I ate gnocchi with creamy sauce for dinner the other night! My agni has all but been extinguished!
  • Mild sweating should be encouraged, dress well, sleep with a heavy blanket, use a hot water bottle or take hot bath.
  • Put a few drops each of eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil in hot water and inhale the vapours, or just let them fill the room.
  • If you are prone to colds take chyawanprash daily to strengthen your immune system.
  • Hot drinks like ginger and honey (don't over heat the honey!) can be sipped all day long.
  • If you feel comfortable bend over and touch your toes, this will bring the energy to your head and clear your sinuses (don't do this on a full stomach or if you feel dizzy)
Spices and spice teas (especially basil, bay leaves, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, long pepper, tumeric and ginger), steamed vegetables, mung dahl, honey.

Dairy (especially cheese and yoghurt), cold foods, cold weather, meat, wheat, sweet fruits, fats, cakes and pastries, sweets in general, sleeping during the day, overeating.


Miss Kylie said...

I really like your blog! Ayurveda is so interesting... can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I've caught myself a cold too (in the last few days). In fact, I was actually thinking of asking you for an ayurvedic remedy,... but it looks like you had already read my mind... :)

Will cook mung dahl today! :)

Julia said...

Thanks for visiting Miss Kylie! And Spillay, I think half of Melbourne has a cold! Isn't this weather awful?

Purnima said...

Julia, kids are more prone to colds n flu under age 5. Since their birth till date, daily few drops Nilgiri (Euc. Oil) in their bathing water has helped control it to certain extent. Lavender n tea oil addition is new to me..I get to learn so much from you..and yes most of our elder generation follow the regime of early waking,early to bed which disciplines life to major extent..hv to streamline my life in that manner! Tks for yet another informative post! (I also use this treatment for diluting the congestion..crush 2 " ginger with half cup water,give the gin.crush a good squeeze till u r left only with the molasses..discard molasses..leave the ginger water covered for 15-20 mins, transfer only the ginger water to another glass, u will find a chalky layer of sediment deposited below which has to b discarded, add one tbspn of honey and sip at intervals..shd b used within a day.) Thanks so much!

Julia said...

Thanks Purnima, I will certainly try that. Interesting that you don't drink the sediment, I wonder why?

Katie's Blog said...

Your thoughts are interesting. I will come back to read more.

lothi said...

Interesting information julia! eucalyptus and chyawanprash helps a lot during cold...