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June 17, 2008

A story about meditation

As always, when repeating the stories of a Yogi, I am bound to do it clumsily. Baba tells this story and it reminds me not to make life too hard for myself, and to keep my meditation intention pure.

There is a man who meditates for many years and God appears before him to grant him a boon. The man asks to walk on water. God tells him he will have to meditate for another few years. The man does so and God returns again, this time instructing the man that if he really wants to be able to walk on water he will have to meditate another few years more, and this time on his head. The man continues to meditate, this time on his head for many years, and finally God returns to grant him his boon.

Later on the man is showing off that he can walk on water. A passerby sees him and asks him how can do this. The man tells his long story expecting the passerby to be very impressed. Instead the passerby laughs at him and says, "There is a boatman just there, if you pay him 2 rupees he will take you across the water!"

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