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June 02, 2008

Taking life one step at a time

Many of my friends look at my lifestyle and think it would be impossible for them to live Ayurvedically. Certainly if you made the leap all at once it is far too daunting, but it's taken me years to cultivate these habits, diet and routines. Just take it one step at a time.

If you are interested in transitioning to a more Ayurvedic lifestyle start with two simple things:

1.Early to bed, early to rise
The Vedas explain that getting out of bed early is the single most important factor for longevity. Just make the change gradually, get up fifteen minutes earlier each week. Aim to get up just before sunrise, or even earlier if you are comfortable, but take your time making the change.

2. Eat your food
Just eat what you normally eat, don't worry about making any drastic changes to your diet yet, or working out what dosha you are. Simply give your food some attention. Take three meals a day at regular times, sit down, look at it, taste it, enjoy it. Don't eat at your desk or in the car or whilst walking down the street. You can eat a packet of Tim Tams if you really want to, but don't do it by accident whilst your watching TV, savour every mouthful.

Just try it for a month and then I'll post the next step. If you miss a day, or forget, or fall out of routine, don't pack it in, just try again the next day. Life never goes to plan, but just keep trying!

1 comment:

eatme_delicious said...

Great advice about focusing on what you're eating. For me it's especially true for things that are not healthy (cookies, etc). Much better to slowly savour even half of a cookie instead of eating 4 when I'm distracted.