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July 15, 2008

Restaurants for vegetarians

Whenever I eat in restaurants I spend most of my time tasting all the flavours and planning how I can replicate it at home, or worse analysing the meal and how I would cook it differently. It's a habit that I got from my father, and whilst I may not be the funnest person to eat out with it makes me better cook, saves me a lot of money and means when I do taste good food I can truly appreciate it. If I have to eat out I dream of going to a restaurant where the flavours are so subtle, so complex, so delicious that I can't work out how to cook it myself and wouldn't want to change a thing.

I've been toying with the idea of going to somewhere a bit classy, but classy restaurants serve meat, and vego restaurants aren't classy. Don't get me wrong, there are some fabulous vegetarian restaurants, but they tend to be of the lunch bar or cafe genre, with hearty cheap meals like vegie burgers, big plates of noodles or curry and rice. And why do they always smother everything with garlic? I've been lamenting the lack of posh nosh for vegetarians.

Then I came across this article which echoes my sentiments exactly. It gives some food for thought and some ideas of where to begin my gastronomic vegetarian adventures.


thetastetinkerer said...

Hi Julia- your blog is amazing! I love the way you explain the principles of ayurveda and how it influences you.
Even I'm constantly thinking of how I can replicate recipes and give them my own signature twist (which is why my husband calls me the taste tinkerer :-) ); Not just at restaurants but also the recipes I see on TV.

Julia said...

The taste tinkerer- I love that word! I agree, I can never just follow a recipe, and there is only the occasional flop. Glad your enjoing my blog.

KALVA said...

Lovely post dear... So much good information in your blog

Julia said...

Thanks Kalva, it's great to have you visit.

Cindy said...

I think as a general rule you're right, but Melbourne has its exceptions. Shakahari in Carlton is an excellent vegetarian restaurant with class, and I've had some high-end vegetarian meals at non-vegetarian restaurants (Three One Two, also in Carlton, probably being the highlight).