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July 03, 2008

Why cook for your own wedding?

So this is a little belated (5 months!) but my brother in law just announced his wedding date in Cambodia, so wedding fever begins again!

I just thought I would share with you our wedding menu, nearly entirely cooked by family and friends on the morning of the wedding. I'm still impressed by them all, especially considering we had nearly 200 guests.

  • Samosa and murukku (made by a friend)
Mains (served on banana leaves):
  • Mung dahl (what else?) with potatoes (made by the groom)
  • Green bean thoren (made by a friend)
  • Gajar Subji (made by me)
  • Basmati rice (made by many rice cookers borrowed from friends and nieghbours)
  • Pappadums (fried by the grooms oldest mates)
All the food worked very well, we had a minor disaster with the rice cookers (never trust a machine!) but I didn't even find out about that till afterwards.

Cooking for our own wedding was a part of the big day which I would never forego. Having all the woman over at my house grating carrots and peeling potatoes was a great sadhana, and gave the wedding such a timeless, community feel. Sigh, it makes me happy just to think of it.


Divya Vikram said...

Thats great cooking for a large group..Hope u all had a great time at the wedding..

Sowjanya Yinti said...

Before reading your post, by just reading the title I said, "Because I got a big kick out of cooking for my own reception". My wedding was in India but I had a reception in US(5 years ago).

And I cooked all the food myself with my mom helping me a bit with cleaning. Everyone thought I lost my mind for doing it all by myself ;0.

Julia said...

I had a wonderful wedding! And all the better for all the cooking, a great group activity.

Sowjanya, I'm glad you loved it too!

Anonymous said...

Cooking for your own wedding sounds like fun. YOU can try rice steamers for cooking get soft and fluffy rice unlike in electric cooker I feel rice is only half-cooked.

Julia said...

Thanks Swapna, I'll look into that, electric just doesn't feel right.