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September 14, 2008

Majja Dhatu-nerves and bone marrow

I had a question a long time ago about bones, and I already wrote about joints, Asthi Dhatu, now it's finally time to write about Majja Dhatu, the bone marrow and nerve tissue.

Majja is oily, and lubricates the body. It fills in hollow spaces in the bones, brain and spinal cord, so as you can imagine by this brief explanation Majja Dhatu is governed by Kapha. Healthy Majja Dhatu gives feelings of contentment and satisfaction, unhealthy Majja Dhatu will cause loneliness and fear of death.

Whilst different tissues correlate to different dosha, they are all somewhat Kapha, due to their substance. Whilst Majja is particularly Kapha, any dosha can enter any dhatu, and excess Kapha in Majja can cause blockages, whilst Pitta and Vata can cause deficiency.

Vata in Majja cause nervous disorders such as headaches and insomnia. Pitta in Majja may lead to sicatica or inflammation. Although Majja is Kapha in nature, excess of Kapha can still lead to problems, such as melancholy, stagnation and depression.

Majja is the second last dhatu, being nourished by Asthi. The nutrients are refined further and payed them forward to Shukra Dhatu (reproductive tissues), the final tissue in the chain.


emmani said...

So interesting julia... I really must find out if I'm Pitta or Kapha, I'm certainly not Vata! I have terrible problems with my shoulder scapula joints but also the melancholy/stagnation/depression. I'd love to look into this particular idea further if you can help me?

When I get to india I will go and see an ayur doctor and find my true dosha...

Julia said...

Hmmm...I learn nearly everything I know from the people in the side bar under "My Inspiration." There are seven dhatu (tissues) but I don't know of any books that specically cover this topic. I tend to pick up a sentence here and a paragraph there.

I'm sorry I can't help further, but a doctor ertainly will.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, how somebody so far away from India knows so much about ayurveda. I have essential throbocytosis that is my bone marrow produces excess of platelets and WBCs too. Have tried many ayurvedic physicians in India but still at a loss about the right treatment.
Gunjan, India

Julia said...

It took me years and a few quacks to find an Ayurvedic doctor who could really help. Good luck on your search.

I wish you the best of health.