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October 09, 2008

Coconut Slice

Dear oh dear, I have been slack. I think I have to be honest and say my posting frequency is dropping to once a week. So here it is, my (late) weekly installment. In the future I'll try and post on Monday's, just for regularity.

This is such a simple recipe which I love making on Sunday's to take to work. Coconut and jaggary is simply one of my favourite combinations. It can easily be adapted by adding a handful of crushed nuts or a dash of vanilla essence.

I'm no good at photo's, which is a shame cause this recipe looks rather nice.

Mix 1 cup of atta (or wholemeal) flour with a pinch of salt and sugar and half a cup of melted ghee. Press into the bottom of a baking tray and bake for twenty minutes at 170'C.

Meanwhile grate one cup of jaggary and mix with one cup of coconut milk till dissolved. Stir in 3 cups of dessicated coconut. Pour over pastry base and bake for a further hour at 150'C.

Let it cool completely before cutting in the tray and removing piece by piece.


emmani said...

My husband looooves jaggery (I don't!)

Try using some puma (rice flakes), jaggery, ghee and coconut. Mix in a pan over warm heat to melt. Eat from the saucepan!

He swears it's the loveliest thing in the world!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your kind words.. please do post on bathing rituals. Personally I do feel its a easy thing to do compared to eating healthy all the time etc and thoroughly enjoyable too! Yes I did use besan flour and warm water. Should try the moong flour and see. Again please do post as much as you can so we may all learn..


Julia said...

Emmani, that does sound like the loveliest thing in the world! I just read it out to my husband and he said "Oh God! Yes!"

I traveled mostly in North India and I know of what they call poha. Do you think this is the same thing as puma? will certainly try this, especially from the pan!

Anu, I'll post a bit more about abhyanga. I appreciate your encouragement cause I'm only learning too. I'll see what I can come up with.

emmani said...

Yes sorry poha or powa, the first pack I bought was called puma but I think it was just a typical indian romanised spelling mistake, I've been confused ever since!

Get the paper thin stuff for jaggery mush, it comes in different qualities. TRS or Top-Op are brands.

Julia said...

Great, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Julia, I wanted to try this one. However, how much thick the pastry at the bottom should be approximately. You didnt give how big your pan is. I didnt want a thicker pastry at the bottom appreciate it.

Julia said...

I used a very small pan, about 23 cm by 13 cm. You can easily double the recipe for a bigger pan.

Otherwise you can make it without the pastry at all, which is how my mum likes it!