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October 27, 2008

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

Super excited today cause I'm driving across the Nullarbor, the longest straight road in the world. Nullarbor means no trees, which is silly, cause there are definitely trees. My husband, his brother and my sister and I are all driving together in a big deluxe campervan. Can't wait. It's a long drive so we just bought six new CD's (there was a sale!) to keep us occupied.

We'll arrive in Fremantle on Friday or Saturday depending on if we see anything exciting on the way or not. Wish us luck!

I'm pretty scared of driving to be honest, so I pray for a safe and happy journey for us all, and most importantly peace of mind. I don't want to be a stress head.


TS said...

Sounds like fun! I do love road trips....I just have to remember not to drink a whole lot of water/juices in one go!

Enjoy it...and when you get back, I had a question on Milk Thistle for cleansing the liver. Is it safe?

take care!

nive said...

I love to travel a lot since it's a learning process too.....enjoy your trip post some pictures

Anonymous said...

Good Luck and have a safe trip!!

Julia said...

Thanks everyone! I'm having a great time, still less than halfway, we haven't even reached the Nullarbor yet. Having great fun with my husband, sister and brother-in-law, lots of singing and eating.

Hi Trupti, I don't know much about milk thistle, but I took it when I had Hepatitis. It is not commonly used by Ayurvedic practitioners, simply because it is not a traditional Indian herb.