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November 03, 2008

Shatavari: "she who posesses 100 husbands"

I recently had a question about Shatavari and it's effect on the liver. To be honest, I don't know much of it's uses for the liver, but as you can imagine from the meaning of it's name (above) it's pretty good for the ladies!

Being sweet and bitter it has a cooling effect, making it more beneficial for Vata and Pitta, and less for Kapha. Given it's cooling nature I imagine shatavari might benefit hot liver conditions including hyperacidity and jaundice.

But Shatavari's most prized use is as a rejuvinative for the female reproductive system. It is a tonic and demulcent, meaning it is soothing, lubricating and nourishing. Shatavari actually regulates female hormones, so it is beneficial for women at all stages of life including puberty and menopause, and can regulate difficult menstrual cycles. It promotes fertility and eases PMS for Vata and Pitta.

Other conditions treated by shatavari include laryngitis, underweight, AIDS and fevers that have caused dehydration. It also promotes hair growth, and can be used externally for stiff joints. It is sattvic and cleanses the blood, it is perfectly safe for children and reduces inflammation.

Shatavari is not not recommended in cases of high ama or mucous.


Manasi said...

hi Julia, shatavari kalpa also aids lactation, apart from being a great tonic.

Julia said...

Thanks Manasi, the thing I love most about blogging is learning new things from my readers!

GAy said...

quick question - can breast feeding mothers take shatavari


Julia said...

Hi Gay, yes shatavari is excellent for breastfeeding mothers.

Dann white said...

Shatavari is very important tonic once I heard about it on T.V.. your blog is very good and informative I really appreciate to you for sharing such info with us..

Anonymous said...

Can shatavari be used by pregnant women. Does it reduce the chances of miscarriage?

Julia said...

Yes, Shatavari is sfae for pregnancy. But I haven't come across any reliable sources about whether it decreases the risk of miscarriage. May you have a peaceful pregnancy!