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April 11, 2009

Rose jam

It's coming to the end of the hot season here in Freo so it's really the wrong end of the year for me to be posting this. But I found this wonderful recipe a long time ago and have only just gotten around to it.

Rose jam is a classical remedy for high Pitta. I remember seeing pilgrims buying it in large volumes in Pushka, Rhajastan, before I really knew what rose was all about. Now I understand why this cooling jam sells so well in the middle of the desert.

Rose works especially on sadhaka pitta, the sub-dosha located in the nervous system which governs the heart and brain. People who are hot-headed, ungrateful or irritable benefit from the calming, romantic influence of rose. Rose works well for hot skin conditions, you can sprit your face with rose water in summer, this helps for pimples, heat rash and sun burn.

Make rose jam with organic rose petals to avoid any nasties and take it before bed with hot milk to promote sleep on hot nights. Thanks to Amma's special for the recipe below!


Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

Have to try this. Balancing my pitta nature is the challenge of my life.

Julia said...

Good luck! Rose essential oil and rose water and rose petal tea are all good too.

Me said...

Your posts brings back so much good memories as well as good habits!

Things like Chyawanprash, Gulkhand were a part of my routine 15 years back. Now they are completely forgotten. Your post motivated me to buy Chyawanprash and now this will motivate me to buy Gulkhand.

Your travel kit suggestion was very helpful as well.

Julia said...

Gulkhand is a lovely thing to build into your routine-so easy to take!

Nirmala said...

Julia thanks for linking my post! Yeah its a great jam with no cooking thus preserving all the goodness of the flower! Great that u liked it.

Julia said...

Thank you Nirmala!