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August 05, 2009

All day sickness or nausea during pregnancy 2

If your pregnant nausea will most likely be on your mind during those early months. I posted a bit on morning sickness earlier and here's some more, cause it's a pretty big issue.

Herbs and remedies:
  • Pour boiling water over puffed rice, strain and drink (Seriously, this one saved me on many occasions, my Ayurvedic doctor recommended it and it has really really helped)
  • Chyawanprash is good general tonic during pregnancy
  • Roast shatavari in an iron pan with ghee, cardomom and date sugar
  • Soak ten fresh dates in a litre of ghee. Add 1 teaspoon of ginger, 1/8 teaspoon of cardomom and a pinch of saffron. Cover loosely. Keep this in a closed warm space for a week. Then eat one date daily in the early morning. (Thanks to Dr Vasant Lad, and this one also helps with anemia)
  • Hot milk with a tiny pinch of nutmeg and cardomom (nutmeg is not recomended usually in pregnancy so go easy)
  • Puffed rice with a little honey
  • The smell of rose, lemon or mint may help
  • Acupressure (known as marma in Ayurveda) point
Or you could simply try peacock feather ash!

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