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September 29, 2009

15 weeks - kicking?

I'm 15 weeks and 6 days and I'm sure I felt that little alien in my tummy wriggling around this morning. It's early, but I am thin and pretty sensitive so it's certainly possible.

I was sitting at my desk at work tapping away on the keyboard when I felt butterflies in my tummy, real low down. I stopped typing for a second, but then thought, no it can't be, it's too early. I kept typing but this little butterfly was insistent, the gentle tapping continued for a full minute or two so there was no mistaking it. I started giggling and emailed D straight away. I didn't tell the other girls at work, it felt like a lovely little secret between me and my baby.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Julia..
Is'nt it amazing when you feel kicks...Even I started feeling kicks so early,it'll be intense when u have something sweet.
Ayurvedic pre-natal care seems interesting,I wish I was pregnant now coz I had so many issues during the first trimester.
Thanks and keep writing.

Julia said...

Totally amazing, I'm now 19 weeks and it's starting to feel a little more regular, though only when I paying close attention. It's such a lovely little feeling. It makes the pregnancy feel slightly more real, though I can still hardly believe it!

Whatsup said...

Congratulations Julia. Enjoy every bit of pregnancy.

I felt the baby in 15th week as well. People didnt believe me, but I knew. My baby used to kick whenever I/my husband put hands on my tummy, ofcourse that is much later. My baby is two months old now.


Julia said...

How lovely, I love babies. I hope your little one is doing really well.

The kicking is pretty unmistakable, now that it's kicking plenty I'm sure that's what it was early on. Now it's even getting strong enough to feel from the outside!

Whatsup said...

I love babies too :) Its a wonderful feeling to be around one. My mom says, they bring hope in life( If youre going through tough times she meant). I agree with her. Hope youre doing well.


Julia said...

They do bring hope, I agree. I'm doing very well thankyou.