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September 25, 2009

Pre-natal care

As usual my approach to pregnancy is very old fashioned. I'm reading a wonderful, wonderful book called Mothering the New Mother by Sally Placksin. It is one of the few books that I highly recomend you read if you or your partner/relative/friend is pregnant. Sally Placksin discusses a woman's specific needs after childbirth and how we can have them met in modern culture (which so commonly ignores them).

Sally Placksin interviews women from various trditional cultures and find rich traditions around the world that nourish pregnant women and new mothers. One of the most beautiful stories she shares is from Luz Garcia, a Colombian who is the daughter of a physician and a midwife. Here is a brief exert:

"Birth was not ever seen as an illness, but as a sign of health and a sign of beauty and life coming through...If you could bear a child you were healthy, you were alive, every good thing was coming your way...Regardless of what the family was, that infant was cared for from the moment the mother was fund to be in estado [pregnant]. The mother got fed better, first portion came to her...[there was no prenantal care.] The mother was recomended to have long walks, to see flowers, to see baby animals at play, and to hold other babies and have good thoughts..."

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