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November 04, 2009

21 weeks - sleepless nights

Lying on my back is certainly the thing I missed the most. I don't sleep well on my side, with my rapidly expanding stomach all propped up on pillows. Rolling over pulls on my stretched tummy ligaments and I have the craziest dreams. I wake up to pee and then the baby starts kicking so I can't go back to sleep. It usually doesn't hurt me, it's more that is so exciting that I want to lie awake feeling my little baby rolling around for ages.

But seriously, this is easily the most enjoyable part of my pregnancy so far. The living-on-a-boat feeling of the first few months has passed, the baby's making itself known and I'm still not too huge to enjoy most things. And I just got the full tick of health from Dr George, my trusted Ayurvedic Doctor.

And another milsetone, my baby is now regarded as a human under Australian law!

I'm just getting to work on my home birth plan, post-natal plan and what to pack in case of a hospital transfer list. I'll publish them all here eventually.


Kirti said...

I just found out that I m pregnant. I followed your blog earlier for Ayurveda related posts. I was looking for reliable articles on Ayurvedic care and remembered that you may have something! I landed here and m so glad to find out that you are sharing your experiences and tips from Ayurveda on pregnancy for the ignorant ones like me.

thanks :) and all the best!

Julia said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news! How far along? Do drink a tea made from puffed rice (pour boiling water over puffed rice and strain) if you are experiencing morning sickness. Wierd but really works.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to find out.

Kirti said...

hey Julia. thanks. this is my 6th week. I m not experiencing any nausea, vomiting etc. All I have is slight pain in lower abdomen after I sit for long hours.
Hence a little worried :)
I have a pitt prakriti and a slight vata trouble was going on since some time.
I m avoiding all hot items (Papaya, dates, ..likewise). But I m wondering if I can take Dates for increasing haemoglobin.
Also, if Karela OK for me? I know that Karela is used in menstrual disorders, especially used to start the bleeding. Hence a bit worried, if Karela can cause me any troubles.
Is it OK if I discuss with you by email?

Julia said...

Early pregnancy is especially full of worries, try not to worry, you and your baby don't need it.

Dr Vasant Lad says dates are cooling and reduce Vata and Pita, and you are right they are great for your blood. In my opinion they are very good for pregnancy.

Any food that is laxative or promotes bleeding should be avoided, especially in early pregnancy, so Karela is out.

Personally I wouldn't worry too much about papaya. It's probably best not to eat it every day, but ok to have occasionally-especially if you enjoy it.

You can email me from my profile page and we can discuss in more detail.