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November 11, 2009

22 weeks - Maternity clothes-belly bands review

After a slow start I've caught up with dates and now there is no pretending I can squeeze into my old clothes anymore. Every other day I try something on and relegate it to the drawer I've allocated for clothes I won't be wearing for a long while. First it was high waisted skirts, now it's some jeans and trousers that I'm saying goodbye to too.

But I've been learning some handy tips.

First is just to cut the elastic out of old tracky pants. Not exactly work wear but certainly comfy for round the house. You can do this properly by stitching the elastic to the waistband in two places and snipping it in between. This means there is still some stretch to them.

Next I've been extending some of my buttons by looping an elastic band around the button, through the botton hole and around the button again. This just gives a few more centimetres, but you'll need to wear a long top to cover up the open fly.

But the best maternity tip of all has to be belly bands, a thick stretchy strip of fabric to wear over jeans or skirts. I bought two kinds of belly bands, both on e-bay and was happy was both, they each have advatages and disadvantages. You can buy them at maternity shops or department stores but they cost a lot more, and I'd rather support small business.

4MUMSTUMS are only single layer thick. Single layer may be better for summer to avoid too many layers in the heat. It also means that it's not too bulky, which is good if your tummy's not that big yet or if you are wearing it with a light cotton shirt.

belly bands are double thickness. This means they are better for holding up heavy things like jeans. They also feel more supportive. The colours of mine leaked in the wash though so maybe soak them in salt and wash seperately first time.

They are both handmade, both cotton, and both cost about the same. You might like to have a look at the range of colours to see what you prefer. I bought two belly bands from each and use them for slightly different things. I love the colourful ones to add a splash of colour to otherwise boring black or white outfits.

A couple of friends have just had babies so I'm hoping to inherit some maternity clothes. I'd really like to avoid buying clothes to wear just for a few months. Work is really the only hard occasion to dress for, so if need be I'll buy a pair of maternity trousers and one maternity skirt to go with all the big flowing blouses I already own.

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