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November 29, 2009

DIY Baby hammock

I'm in serious nesting mode, and nesting for me involves sping cleaning (ie chucking stuff out) and creating (ie making stuff). Since chucking staff out is pretty boring, unless you shop at the op-shop I donate to, I thought I write about my latest craft project.

I keep hearing about how wonderful baby hammocks are. They rock and support babies beautifully and are said to transform even the most colicy or refluxy baby. Plus they are really beautiful.

My kitchen has a cathedral style ceiling with big beams running across which makes it perfect for hanging a baby hammock from. We plan on co-cleeping but I love the idea of having the baby near me where ever I am in the house

One thing that really appeals to my au naturale baby tastes is the idea that women around the world would have just tied a piece of cloth from a tree and let there baby's hang out in there whilst they work in the fields. It just doesn't seem right to spend hundreds of dollars on something so simple.

I typed "make your own baby hammock" into google and it pumps out this blog post. God I love google! I've got a day off work this week dedicated to making stuff, so I'll let you know how I go.


Passionate Goof said...

All the best Julia, would love to know how it went. :)

Julia said...

I'll keep you posted.