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February 03, 2010

34 weeks - Count down begins

I've finished work which is wonderful! I'm keeping active with yoga, swimming and walking, as well as all the home improvements and general sorting and cleaning I'm doing whilst in nesting mode. I have birth preparation classes to go to, books to read and baby stuff to buy. I thought I might get bored but now I'm not even sure six weeks will be long enough!

I'm making an effort to do self massage with dhawantharam oil, drink raspberry leaf tea and do perenial massage. I have weekly pre-natal check ups with my midwife and the good news is the baby is head down and engaged. The surprising news is the baby is big, even though I am small, but I always suspected that I could grow a big baby!

We have the birth pool, but I'm still gathering enough old sheets and towels to contain the mess of a home birth. We have a wonderful rocking chair (after searching for months IKEA has done it again!) but are still searching for a light weight stroller. We've got cloth nappies and I figure that a newborn really only needs nappies and a couple of boobs, so really we're set.

I've got a few birth videos to watch with my friends and family who will support me through the birth, and my birth plan is pretty much ready for action.

So now it's time for rest, exercise, good food and positive thoughts. And spending some time with my darling husband whilst we are still only two.


Passionate Goof said...

You are so confident, and doing so well. All the best!

Julia said...

Ina May helps with confidence. I've made a conscious decision not to read/watch/listen to any traumatic birth stories at this late stage. It's important not to freak out now!

Trish said...

hey Julia,
Came over from Goofy's..Nice blog you have here.All the best for ur safe and sound seem to be on the right track.
Don't forget to check Target and Kmart for strollers..we got our first one from there..easy to fold,right support for the baby too.And for the life of me,I can't remember the brand.will try to look up and leave another comment.

Julia said...

Hi Trish, nice to meet you! I certainly will check out Target and Kmart. I can't understand how strollers could possibly be worth $2000!!! Was yours durable? I'm only worried that the cheaper ones might fall apart.