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September 01, 2007

Why Ayurveda?

My passion for Ayurveda began, as many things do, in India. I was traveling with my lover (now fiance) when we were both struck down with Hepatitis A.We were both fully vaccinated against Hepatitis A and there is no cure. Western medicine was of no use.

We were too sick for normal daily activity for one year. My weight dropped to 48 kg and stayed there. We persisted in India for three months, and in this time the village remedies were invaluable. Sugarcane juice, white radish, mung dahl and rice became our staples. But Hepatitis is a hot disease, and India in the monsoon is hot, and hot, spicy food is served three meals a day.

Eventually we went home to Fremantle, Australia, where life is not so harsh, to be by the cool blue ocean and eat my mum's home cooked food. Over time we learned to manage the symptoms with Ayurveda, and this period of intense discipline and reflection has changed my world view.

Ayurveda is more than medicine, it is a multi-disciplinary approach to living. It combines philosophy, spirituality, psychology, nutrition, exercise and herbology in an enriching and inspiring approach to living well, and dying well too.

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