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September 15, 2007

Dosha diagnosis

My sister requested some more info on doshas, but I have been resisting. For a long time I thought I was Vata Kapha, my blue eyes and blonde hair somewhat misleading me. It turns out I am Vata Pitta, which makes no sense at all if you look at me. But it can be seen in my illness tendency, tonsillitis, pnuemonia, colesores, hepatitis...

My point is the "quizzes" you can find all over the internet lack the subtley and complexity of the fine science of Ayurveda, and if you really want to know what your dosha is go and see an Ayurvedic doctor.

I went to see one last year who I wasn't very impressed with. She asked me all the usual quiz questions and came up with Vata Kapha. Partly because in answering the questions I am interpreting them, and cause I already thought I knew what dosha I was, it influenced my answers.

My current doctor diagnosed me ONLY by reading my pulse. I really believe that, as with all medicine, accurate diagnosis is the key. I wouldn't go and diagnose myself with heart disease or cancer, because I am not an expert, similarly don't try and diagnose yourself as having a Pitta imbalance based on some quiz on the internet.

Sure, dabble around in Ayurveda and find out if it interests you, but if you are really serious about it, then go and ask an expert. Having said all that, over the next few days I'll post a bit more about the doshas in a broad sense.

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