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September 19, 2007

Kapha: an ocean of love

Kapha is water. Heavy, slow, cold.

Kapha is that feeling when you don't want to get off the couch. Kapha is sleeping in or being a couch potato. Kapha is love and greed and attachment and holding on. Kapha is matter, and binds everything. Kapha is faithful, loyal, sure, loving. Kapha sometimes needs a kick up the bum. Kapha climbs mountains, strong, enduring, but can be lazy and just rather do some baking and eating. Kapha is scones with jam and cream. Kapha is a lifelong friend. Kapha won't change their mind on you.

Kapha is not me!


Book of Light and Shadows said...

Although predominatly Vata/Pita, I can see how a little Kapha has been seeping into my life recently! All those indulgences...:) Thanks for pointing out your blog... am interested to see your posts.

Whatsup said...

Me me me :) Thats me

Julia said...

Consider yourself lucky, if you take care of yourself you can be the stronget and healthiest of all dosha.

Whatsup said...

Strength, which I would spend in getting out of couch most of the times ;)

I do agree on the luckiest part though. Can sleep with out a worry and can be patient and persistent when needed.

Julia said...

It's good to know your own strengths and weaknesses!