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September 16, 2007

Vata: Consumer of experience

Vata is air. Dry. Movement. Cool. Light. Life.

My friend used this great term at a dinner party last night. She said that in our society we don't only consume material, we consume experiences. We always want to buy the newest, most unique experience, whether it be a nightclub that's just opened or an unusual food fresh off the boat from France. We want to sell and trade and share these experiences with our friends, and then as soon as the club gets too big the experience is "so last season" or has been "sold out." And we move on to consuming the next experience.

It reminded me a lot of what Morningstar says: that this society we live in is Vata imbalancing. It's so fast and dynamic and different. There is little familiarity or comfort or grounding.

And perhaps this explains current social Vata imbalance: mental illness, drug abuse, addiction, eating disorders. So that's a bit about Vata.

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